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Sensitive Skin Blog Posts

We’re here to tell you what we know, but don’t take it as medical advice. Talk to your medical provider about your specific health concerns.

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Woman Sitting Next to Electric Heater

Toasted skin syndrome: The ultimate guide

Prolonged heat exposure can put you at risk of developing this skin condition.

Sep 25 • 8 min read

What is the best retinol for sensitive skin?

How to find gentle yet effective products that deliver the benefits of retinol while minimizing irritation.

Sep 07 • 8 min read

Betaine in skincare: Soothe and hydrate your skin

If you have dry skin, this ingredient may be worth adding to your routine.

Sep 05 • 6 min read

How to choose the best toner for your sensitive skin

You’ll have to take extra considerations—like making sure the ingredients in a product are gentle on your skin.

Sep 01 • 8 min read
Body Wash

How to choose the best body wash for sensitive skin

This skin syndrome doesn’t just play a role in determining which products might be best for your face.

Aug 31 • 10 min read
Smiling Woman Exfoliating with Brush

Skincare 101: How to choose an exfoliator for sensitive skin

Learn what they do and which type is best for sensitive skin.

Aug 28 • 8 min read
Cheerful Woman Scrubbing Face

How to find the best face scrub for sensitive skin?

Everyone’s skin is different, but these are a few tips you should keep in mind.

Aug 24 • 8 min read
Extreme closeup view on closed eye with rosacea

How to treat thickened skin caused by rosacea

Early treatment can help prevent this side effect of rosacea.

Aug 21 • 6 min read
Hand with red fingernails rubbing sunscreen on arm with red and white striped towel and sunglasses

10 face sunscreens for every skin type

Because yes, you need to wear sunscreen year-round.

Aug 21 • 7 min read
Niacinamide Soothes, Improves Moisture Loss, and Evens Skin Tone

Niacinamide's powerful benefits for your skin

This water-soluble vitamin is a popular skincare ingredient for good reason.

Aug 04 • 10 min read

Using a moisturizer alongside metronidazole: What you need to know

How to keep your skin hydrated when treating rosacea with this ingredient.

Jul 31 • 8 min read
A Woman Enjoying a Scent

Unscented vs. fragrance-free: What do these labels actually mean?

These common skincare labels might not mean what you think they do.

Jul 31 • 9 min read
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