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We’re here to tell you what we know, but don’t take it as medical advice. Talk to your medical provider about your specific health concerns.

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Applying Zinc Oxide Sunscreen

Screening zinc oxide sunscreen products: A guide to choosing the best sun protection

What gives zinc oxide sunscreens an edge over other options? Curology’s experts explain.

Aug 29 • 12 min read

How are AHAs used for rosacea

These chemical exfoliants might be one way you can help manage some symptoms of this chronic skin condition.

Aug 28 • 7 min read
Use Sunscreen Everyday to Block UV Rays

Fact or fiction: Does sunscreen block Vitamin D?

Dermatology experts set the record straight.

Aug 23 • 8 min read
A woman smiling and looking into the camera while holding a bottle of Curology cream

What you need to know about aging skin, from fine lines to wrinkles

Dive into the science of aging skin to learn how you can slow down the development of fine lines and wrinkles.

Aug 22 • 11 min read
Asian woman applying skincare cream to face

How to correctly layer your skincare products, according to the experts

The order of your skincare products does matter. Here’s why.

Aug 21 • 13 min read
Hand with red fingernails rubbing sunscreen on arm with red and white striped towel and sunglasses

10 face sunscreens for every skin type

Because yes, you need to wear sunscreen year-round.

Aug 21 • 7 min read
Acne Scars

Acne marks vs. acne scars: What’s the difference?

Discover causes and treatment options for each.

Aug 5 • 9 min read
Smiling Woman Applying Sunscreen to Face

A comprehensive overview of sunscreen sticks: Top 7 sunscreen sticks on the market

This product can help protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

Aug 4 • 6 min read
Woman with Clear Skin

Techniques for wrinkle reduction and achieving smooth, radiant skin

These strategies can help you get younger-looking skin.

Aug 1 • 8 min read
Applying Sunscreen

Should you choose a sunscreen with antioxidants? Here’s what the research says

The right ingredients may offer your skin additional benefits.

Jul 31 • 8 min read

Using a moisturizer alongside metronidazole: What you need to know

How to keep your skin hydrated when treating rosacea with this ingredient.

Jul 31 • 8 min read
Mature Woman Smiling

Natural anti-aging skincare: What works and what’s just hype

Although the “natural” label on skincare is largely up to interpretation, some ingredients do have scientifically proven anti-aging properties.

Jul 31 • 9 min read
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